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Rehabilitation and Modernization of Local Access Telecom Networks

Significant strategic objective of a major telecom operator was the expansion of its local access network coupled with modernization of the related infrastructure.

Our team has recommended and provided guidelines for critical technical improvements and elaboration of detailed engineering design for local access networks in one of the main geographic areas. We helped the company introduce an advanced software system for access network inventory. A part of our work was also the provision of training to the company's personnel in order to be in the position to ensure the future updating of the engineering design and network data.

Provision of Universal Service

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  • Government administrative authorities in charge of elaborating the telecommunications policy in a liberalized business environment were in the process of developing a suitable universal service policy in line with the respective European Directives.

    Following a thorough analysis of the best practices worldwide on the aforementioned issues, our team of experts recommended the definition and scope of universal services in the particular country and valuated the respective costs related to the provision of such services by the potential provider. In addition, we helped our client in the assessment of the supporting and funding mechanisms and the required action plan for the implementation of the Universal Service Policy.

    Support of IST RTD Projects of the European Commission in the Area of Maritime Transport

    Temagon is co-coordinator of the project SWAN ("Standardization and Dissemination Support Actions for Waterborne Telematic Networks and Applications"), which supports all IST research projects in the area of maritime transport.

    Our team of experts manages a broad thematic network of about 25 companies, comprising almost all major players of the maritime sector in Europe. It supports the IST projects by clustering them around common research areas, harmonizing their system development approaches, facilitating flexible collaboration between them and disseminating their results. Moreover, our team assists the European Commission's relevant units in coordinating and promoting the Community co-funded research effectuated in the area of maritime transport.

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