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Temagon is capable of providing a comprehensive range of services that cover the whole area of telecom networks planning, starting from the determination of the basic technical requirements concerning structure, topology and routing, up to detailed and thorough studies of all the technical operational and financial issues concerning the ICT related investments of its Clients.

Additionally, Temagon conducts thorough studies and network planning in order to derive the most feasible (both financially and technically) transition and migration strategy towards new technologies (e.g., GSM to UMTS, local loop to x DSL / LMDS, circuit switching to all IP Networks). Furthermore, Temagon can provide state-of-the-art know-how for establishing effective telecommunications management networks ("TMN") solutions.

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Network Planning
Design & Optimization
Network Management
Transition & Migration Strategies for New Technologies & Services
Technical Feasibility Studies
Definition of Technical Requirements and Specifications
Technical and
Techno-economic Studies
Evaluation of Technical Studies
Operational Support Systems